Watching others

Watching what others are doing, especially things you cannot do or are at a physical distance, is enjoying…

Although it is time wasting in terms of    wasting your own life time.

Do you really want to spend your lifetime watching others life on a screen instead of making your own experiences?


The moment human race stops being ignorant, they become IMMORTAL.

Or the security mechanism for growth that evolution planted in us
is the mechanism to eliminate ignorance by providing fresh ideas and progress with every new generation.

So if you want to be immortal embrace change, progress, new ideas, abandon your old new and start seeing everything with new eyes, as if through the eyes of a child.

Question! Find new ways and grow!

Being at peace

Let yourself have  free time, space, resources so that you can breath  and can make steps ahead and back.

In that way you can see other solutions or ways how to react and act. 🙂